IFSC Code by Bank

What is an IFSC Code?

Indian Financial System Code is widely known as the IFS Code or IFSC Code. It is unique alphanumeric code contains 11 digits which contains bank and branch code. IFSC code is found on the front page of the account holder's passbook, or cheque -book issued by the bank. IFSC code uniquely identifies a bank-branch participating in any RBI regulated funds transfer system like transfer money using RTGS, NEFT or IMPS systems. These facilities cannot be initiated without a valid IFSC Code.

Generally, RBI do not change 11-digit IFSC code. Recently, the State Bank of India changed IFSC Code of its branches across the nation after the merger with five associate banks and 1 other bank.

Format for Bank IFSC Code

IFSC Code is a unique code assigned by RBI to the banks. In an IFSC code, the first four characters are alphabets which represents the bank name. Hence, the IFSC code of each branch of the same bank begins with the same four letters. The fifth character is zero.Rest six characters are digits or numbers which represent the branch code.

Major Banks in India

You can search through 90,000+ IFSC Codes of 125+ Banks in India! We are making earnest efforts in keeping the information updated by adding IFSC codes of banks as they get available on RBI website.

The State Bank of India is the largest bank in India and one of the world’s biggest corporations. SBI bank of India is one of the largest employers in the country and most trusted brand and bank in India.

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IFSC CODE Popular banks

IFSC CODE Popular banks

Find IFSC Code in a Bank Cheque:

On a typical bank cheque, the IFSC code is compulsorily listed though the location of the same on the cheque leaf will differ from bank to bank.

In our example image: we are displaying the location of the IFSC code on a HDFC Cheque.

Locating Cheque Number :

Displayed in a typewritten font at the bottom of the cheque in special font style. This is primarily used for tracking the cheque and for other administrative purposes.